Roan stands on the high street, dressed in a suit of armour. People stare at him, beads of sweat roll down his face. Soon he’ll be in a trance again, just like yesterday and the day before. Since he learned to escape reality, nothing troubles him. Nothing, but the insect he sees at night. 

Across the city, Milo, a brash self-destructive twenty something, is trapped in the desperate monotony of his job. Married young and once in love, he’s now losing his wife and his sanity to a compulsive drug habit. He needs a second chance, and goes looking for it in the most unlikely place. 

As their lives slowly converge, Roan and Milo are drawn into a sinister underworld of addiction, manipulation and murder. This is the place people go to disappear. A place that no one understands, no one but Pepper Hansell - the Magician. 

Tiptoe is a stark and harrowing tale of love, loss, depression, neuroticism and fear. A psychological thriller of new proportions, set in a hedonistic and tumultuous urban wasteland. Kit O’Conor seamlessly draws you from one character to the next, leaving a trail of unnerving clues that will leave you questioning your sanity, but unable to let go.

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"Discombobulating and hypnotic... O’Conor fills his pages with crisp, intelligent prose and simple but sublime imagery." Kirkus Reviews


"Truly original, complex and a bit bonkers. A promising debut from a very talented writer - can't wait to see more from him. Highly recommended!" Amazon Review (5 Stars)


"Pleasingly thought provoking - the author has a unique talent for seamlessly weaving reality with surreal elements to immerse the reader in Tiptoe." Amazon Review (5 Stars)


"This is one of the most original and unpredictable books I've read in a long while, I cannot recommend it highly enough." Amazon Review (5 Stars) 

"Try to put this one down after reading the first chapter,  I don't think it's possible." IBooks Review (5 Stars)


"The story takes on dark twists, which kept me eagerly reading." Amazon Review (5 Stars)

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A surreal story of mental breakdown, infidelity, a disappearing man and a city built of folded love letters. Click here to see it on Amazon.


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